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What Is Cut and Uncut CBD Vape Cartridge? Which Is Better?

Studies reported that CBD vaping offers bioavailability rate between 34% – 46%. It is higher than the other consumption styles. Many people are switching to CBD vaping but the initial cost of buying Vaporizer is high but the experience will be worth it.

Vaporizers include a chamber for holding e-liquid, a mouth-piece for inhaling, and a battery to energize the e-liquid. However, there will be a need to replace CBD vape cartridges as they run out. You can buy the best CBD vape cartridge on 

Is CUT CBD vape cartridge safe?

Today, CBD vape cartridges are CUT using hemp oil or thinning agents [PG/VG]. The vape cartridge made using CBD oil is not safe.

Oil is viscous and capable to burn and damage the vape pen. Therefore, CBD oils are thinned using propylene glycol [thinning agent]. It breaks into carcinogenic substances, so you are at risk when you vape e-liquid having thinning agents.

Besides, CBD oils thinned can contain fat and oil, which possibly enters your lungs. The oily globules collect and cause illnesses like lipoid pneumonia. Flavorings used are also detrimental to health. For example, a common flavoring agent that creates sweet flavor causes Popcorn Lung disease.

How to choose a safe CBD vape cartridge?

Uncut CBD wax cartridge is 100% chemical-free. It offers organic and potent CBD vaping experience. Every ingredient used is RAW and so needs extra maintenance. The cartridges are 11mm wide and suitable on 510 thread battery. Check your current battery unit to makes sure the cartridge fits.

Important tips for using uncut wax CBD vape cartridge

  • The oil used in the cartridge is UNCUT, solidification is quick. It needs to be warmed, so everything is kept towards the bottom.

  • The battery needs to have a double click pre-heat feature.
  • In cold weather, there will be a need for heat sources like a heater or a heat gun to warm the air and allow crystals to melt and fall at the bottom of the cartridge.
  • The mouthpiece needs to be cooled after you heat the cartridge [before use]
  • Vape on low settings to avoid a burnt taste.
  • Keep the cartridge upright always so that the oil remains at the bottom without crystallizing.
  • The cartridge is designed to handle 375°F.
  • If the cartridge feels stuck, blowhard. It clears the airways. The air holes need to be open.
  • The oil will look dark after several uses, it is natural because carbon builds up from consistent heating and cooling.

Before experiencing large hits get used to wax strength…..start with small puffs!

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