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Tea Tree Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar: Dressing Against Hair Lice?

The continued use of pharmaceutical products is discouraged by the manufacturers themselves and can lead to eczema and resistance to lice in the long run.

The topical pediculicidal treatments marketed by Lice Doctors Sarasota, FL are permethrin and synthetic pyrethrins, malathion, or lindane. These products are effective on adult lice, but none are fully effective when it comes to nits, so the nit is essential.

Externally, the most recommended natural topical treatment is tea tree essential oil. Their effectiveness can vary depending on the degree of concentration, but practically all are effective in eliminating lice and preventing them. While the shampoo usually used for bathing is applied to the child, the amount determined by the Naturopath must be poured, usually about ten drops, of the tea tree oil.

All this is applied to the scalp with gentle massages and left to rest while the little one is bathing. In the last rinse, the treatment is finished using organic apple cider vinegar to weaken the nits. This way, we will help them come off more quickly in the latest hairstyle.

Neem oil and the pure essence of lavender and geranium are also effective natural options against head lice.

And To Prevent?

It is also recommended to use eau de cologne daily for lice prevention and pour a drop of tea tree oil behind each ear and on the top of the head.

In this case, the indication on the amount to be ingested must be described by a Naturopath based on the weight and age of the child. Of course, you should never use chemical pediculicides as a preventive treatment, so you only get to develop resistance to these products. Finally, the best way to prevent other children is to notify the school and relatives that ours have lice.

How To Avoid Contagion?

The louse is transmitted by direct contact between heads. We can banish the idea that the louse jumps or flies. Children must be taught not to be head-to-head and not share brushes, hats, etc. Lice like short or tied hairless.

And Since We Have This Tea Tree Essential Oil At Home, What Else Can We Use It For?

Tea tree oil has many other uses according to Lice Doctors Sarasota, FL: it is ideal for disinfecting wounds, for acne, to alleviate the itchiness of mosquito bites and the appearance of fungi.

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