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Seeking Professional Help For Alcohol Detoxification Process

Getting rid of alcohol addiction can be quite challenging and the process starts with alcohol detoxification. The person can develop withdrawal symptoms during the detox process that can be life-threatening and difficult to control. Therefore, taking the help of a professional in a rehab center can be a wise decision as the medical staff help in managing the intensity of the symptoms.

The Best Detox Center For Alcohol Detoxification

Detox to Rehab is the perfect place to join as it is the best facility for alcohol detoxification. This is a community that is ready to be a part of your journey towards sobriety and helps you in coming out of any addiction that you are struggling with. Among their list of detox rehab centers, McLean hospital alcohol detox located in Belmont, MA provides world-class care with their various treatment options for individuals addicted to alcohol and getting the right kind of program for them. Detox to Rehab pretty well understands the difficulties with alcohol addiction but knows that recovery is possible with a proper detoxification process.

Timeline Of Alcohol Detox

The initial detoxification phase usually takes about a week but you may find the symptoms to continue for long. The following timeline can be expected:

  • Within 8 hours after the drink: withdrawal symptoms begin.
  • 24-72 hours: the symptoms are at their peak.
  • 5-7 days: intensity of symptoms decrease.
  • Post first week: psychological effects may persist.

The alcohol detoxification process includes both physical and psychological symptoms like alcohol cravings, seizures, hallucinations, high blood pressure, nausea, abdominal pain, anxiety, confusion, and even depression. Since these symptoms can be life-threatening, it is always advisable to visit a rehab center for professional and medical help. They understand how hard it is to fight against alcohol addiction, but with the hope that recovery is possible.

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