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Face Freezing Treatment – Freeze Away Your Wrinkles!

The idea of freezing cold facial on your face can be very intriguing to many out there. Yes, it is one of the latest thrilling alternatives to Botox treatment for fighting age lines and wrinkles. This article is all about the upcoming and really famous face freezing treatments that you will benefit from, in more than one way. So, off we go to the topic of the day!

What is a face freezing treatment?

As we just discussed, this is nothing but an aesthetic treatment where they employ cold temperature to freeze away your age lines, wrinkles and uneven complexion or pigmentation.

This is a treatment that feels like and works as if a course of facial is done on your face. The schedule and appointments are made earlier and you take up multiple sessions of few minutes each with some gap of few weeks in between. There may be some maintenance sessions in between.

How is the process like?

Liquid nitrogen and 100% pure medical grade oxygen are used in this treatment. They are both mixed along with vitamins and antioxidants. This mixture is applied on the face. A cotton swab is used to even it out on your face and gently rubbed.

The nitrogen freezes and exfoliates your skin. Dead skin cells are removed and this helps in regeneration of new fresh skin by stimulating it. The oxygen vitamins and antioxidants mixture help repair damaged skin and kills bacteria in the skin.

Thus, the result is a better looking and a better feeling skin. 

Alternatively, there are few newer and developing methods where some age defying chemicals are injected into your skin using fine needles. They are not the conventional Botox or the neurotoxins that works by paralysing the muscles.

Extra Benefits of face freezing treatment

  • The treatment takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • The process is very simple and can be often relaxing.
  • You don’t have to go in for the Botox treatment yet.
  • The skin tone is more even and you get a healthy glow.
  • Skin feels clearer and tauter. The treatment firms the skin.

Where can you get this face freezing treatment done?

There are many dermatologist’s clinics that offer this treatment. You can check out Laser Plus which offers this cryogenic skin treatment called Venus freeze. You can call them and get all the details and fix your appointment as per your convenience.

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