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Dental Implant Surgery Aftercare Instructions – Let Experts Guide You In Right Direction!

Is your implant surgery successfully done? Well, it is now time for you to be calm for few days. After all, going with dental implants especially in St-Onge means you have chosen the best dentist there!

Well, you will need to take care of what you drink and eat for few days. You will even require being careful on how you will be cleaning your teeth and position your head. When it comes to implants dentaires Dr. St-Onge, you need go through some proper information that can help you acquire required rest for the healing after dental implant surgery. So, take a look at the following sections to know the best after-care tips!


The way in which you will be taking care of your mouth will determine success of your oral surgery. Clean other teeth just like you would do with toothbrush. This cleaning may occur on night of surgery. However, don’t brush site of surgery for few days. Once this duration of time has passed, begin cleaning this area with proper care. You can easily catalyze healing process with the help of hot salt mouthwashes during initial week. Ensure that your mouthwash isn’t that hot.


Bleeding can occur in area of mouth where the surgery took place. In case, it continues for longer duration, then you can add pressure with the help of damp gauze swab and biting down on that area firmly. You can even use clean handkerchief.

Apply proper pressure upwards along with remaining in upright position. In case it still continues, you must visit your dentist or oral surgeon for professional help.


After the dental implant procedure, there will be some swelling. It can even reach its peak for few days after dental implant surgery. So, if it doesn’t decrease or stop after 1 or 2 days, then also you don’t need to worry.

You can reduce this swelling with the help of ice packs that are wrapped in towel. Hold them against your cheek for around 10 minutes. Between the applications, take a break of around 20 minutes. Once 24 hours is passed, you can get more benefit from the gentle heat as compared to ice.

After going through dental implant surgery, caring for them is very important. Studies have stated that frequent visits to dental specialist and proper care can help the dental implants to last a lifetime!

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