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Deciding If Brazilian Butt Lift Is the Best Course of Action for Attractive Buttocks

The goal of Brazilian butt lift is to achieve well-shaped buttocks by transferring fat from certain areas to the buttocks. This popular surgery sometimes employs silicone implants and yields natural-looking results. It increases the fullness and projection of the buttocks as per the person’s preference. It improves the entire body proportion as it suctions the fat from thighs and hips.

Ethnic preferences:

Though research has shown that in general a waist to hip ratio of 0.9 for men and 0.7 for women is considered attractive, women express different preferences to the buttock shape and size which is influenced by their ethnicity. While Caucasians prefer conservative projection with slight lateral dimples, African Americans have an inclination towards more projection and full-lateral buttocks.

Book a consultation:

If you are considering getting Brazilian butt lift, you would naturally have a lot of queries about the process, its cost and side effects. The best surgeons for Fort Lauderdale Brazilian butt lift are available at Vanguard Aesthetic. Schedule a consultation with them and discuss about the possibilities and get to know their recommendations. Their treatments are done based on taking into account a body’s healing ability.

How do I know if I am eligible for Brazilian butt lift?

The common question that arises among people during consultation is if the procedure has any limitations and if it can be done on them. You can go ahead with the surgery if:

  • Your buttocks are flat, loose or sagging due to weight loss or ageing
  • There is considerable amount of skin in buttocks area
  • You want to get rid of extra fat in abdomen and thighs
  • There is reasonable fat to be suctioned in the flank areas using liposuction
  • You are in good health and have a stable weight

Those who are near the range of their ideal body weight and don’t have much extra fat in other areas but have sagging buttocks can instead get traditional butt lift done. The process involves removing excess fat present in the buttocks and tightening the skin to result in a toned butt.

General Shape:

The 4 general shapes are A, V, Square and Round. A, Round and square shapes can easily be corrected while V is the toughest. Some amount of looseness is good for the surgery. If the butts are excessively flat, it can be improved but is trickier to shape.

If the skin is quite tight, the augmentation is difficult. Your surgeon will examine you and let you know if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

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