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A Guide to Know About Climbing Grades

The climbing grades indicate the difficulty level of the climb. These can be understood easily. The bigger number denotes that the move is difficult. An understanding of this helps you in making your climbing easier and it can be discussed easily with the other climbers.

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Sport Climbing Grades

The two grading systems are used by climbers and are based on geographical locations. These are YDS and French.

What Is Meant By YDS?

YDS means Yosemite Decimal system. This system is used for grading hiking, scrambling, and climbing. It is mainly used in the U.S., but you may find this grade among the French grades in the world. There are three parts in this grade.

It can be broken down like this:


  • 5 – This number means the “class” of the climb or hike. 1 refers to flat land and 5 refers to a rock wall climb that needs a rope to climb. Rock climbs in the gym are graded as 5.
  • 12 – The second part specifies the difficulty of the climb. The number runs between 2-15 and it tells about the difficulty of the moves.
  • 12a – The letter a, b, c, d is added to denote the difficulty level of the climb. This grading provides the climbers with the idea of how to grade climbs on a specific scale.

What Is the French Scale?

This scale is popular worldwide except the U.S. To gain knowledge about the climbing trips and to watch climbing videos, it is essential to have awareness about this grading system.

The grades can be explained in this way:


  • 7 – This is also a meaningful system in which the starting number from 1 to 9 indicates the difficulty level of the climb while you move up.
  • 7a – Letters a, b, c, etc. explain the complexity of the climb just like YDS system.
  • 7a+ – The + symbol in French grades specifies to the climbers that how they can grade their climbs.


Thus, the climbing grades help the climbers to use these in their climbing. The gradings aid in measuring your progress. These are the moving targets which motivate you while you pursue your path.

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