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4 Common Myths About Nose Augmentation

A rhinoplasty or nose augmentation is done to change the look of your nose. With this procedure becoming more and more popular, certain myths have arisen about it that sometimes need to be debunked. Rhinoplasty has moved from the realm of movie stars in Hollywood to regular people like you and me. Because this procedure is more accessible than ever, a lot of misleading information and misconceptions have surfaced. Here are 4 common myths about rhinoplasty.

  • It is Solely Done for Cosmetic Reasons

Many people get a rhinoplasty to improve the look of their nose. They aren’t happy with the bridge or they feel their nose is too wide. They don’t just do this for the sake of their appearance, some do it for their mental health. Having an issue with your nose can affect your mental health, if you don’t feel confident in your own skin, you may become a recluse. It isn’t uncommon for people to have open nose surgery (known as เสริม จมูก แบบ เปิด in Thailand) to correct a breathing problem. A rhinoplasty can improve your appearance while enhancing your quality of life.

  • Every Cosmetic Surgeon Can Do a Nose Augmentation

It doesn’t matter who you choose, any plastic surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty. This is technically correct, nearly all plastic surgeons have trained to do nose augmentation. The difference is that some are better than others. Just because they have this option in their clinic doesn’t mean they are really good at doing it. Nose augmentation is a difficult procedure, it doesn’t just require medical skills, it also calls for the surgeon to be artistic. They must fully understand the physiology of the nose to ensure they create an aesthetically pleasing result which is fully functional.

  • It is a Painful Procedure

Most cosmetic surgeons perform a nose augmentation under a general anaesthetic, which means it isn’t a painful operation. A rhinoplasty isn’t as painful as breast enhancement or a tummy tuck. You’ll be asleep throughout the entire procedure and you’ll have to wear a nose cast for about 2 weeks after. Wearing a nose cast is a little uncomfortable, but not at all painful. Your nose will also feel stuffed, like when you have the flu.

  • Everyone Will Notice You’ve Had Work Done

If you’ve a major issue to change with your nose such as a large lump, most people will notice once it has gone. However, if you’re just changing one part of your nose and it doesn’t require a huge alteration, 99% of people won’t have a clue you’ve had nose augmentation surgery. That’ll probably compliment you on how well you look without noticing anything about your nose. A good surgeon will do their utmost to construct a natural looking nose.

Successfully getting the nose of your dreams will depend on the type of surgeon you choose. To ensure you get access to a first-class nose augmentation specialist, you must do a lot of research, take time with the selection process and communicate your needs with the doctor in charge. Find out about what is attainable and what is best for you.

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